Auto Glass Repair

The residents of La Habra and La Mirada, California live very busy lives. Unfortunately, while driving on the freeways and local roadways, stray debris can be kicked into the air and result in damage to your car or trucks auto glass. If the damage is not repaired in a timely fashion, then the chips or cracks can quickly spread to the point of requiring a more costly replacement service. At La Habra Auto Glass, our company has been in business for more than 20 years to help consumers take care of their auto glass repair needs and if required, a full auto glass replacement.

Our company has been in business for more than 20 years, and we have experience fixing just about any type of car glass. It does not matter if your car is a foreign or domestic model, our expert technicians have likely worked on it before and know what the hard spots might be for your glass repair needs. Before dispatching a team to work on your car or truck; however, our friendly staff will first discuss the extent of the repairs with you on the phone to make sure we don’t need to plan with you for a glass replacement service. Then, we will walk you through the auto glass repair process so that you are fully aware of what our techs will be doing to the glass of your car or truck to help repair the damage. Finally, we’ll review your insurance policy coverage with you to see if you are covered to have the repair work accomplished, or if you will have to pay out of pocket for the work. We have found that a number of the major insurance carriers will even waive your deductible to take care of the potential safety hazard that a chipped or cracked window in your automobile presents. We have found that every case is unique, so we ask that you don’t make any assumptions on what will or won’t be covered until you give our staff a chance to help you.

Once you are ready to schedule our auto glass repair service, our representatives will work with you on our mobile repair team’s availability, the best days and times for your busy schedule, and what location will be most convenient for your daily life for us to complete the work. For most repair jobs, we can typically wrap up the work in under an hour. For full glass replacement jobs, the time will vary depending on the glass location, make and model of your automobile, and availability of replacement glass. We rarely place limits on the destinations that our teams will come to work on your automobile in order to provide our customers with the greatest amount of flexibility while arranging their auto glass repair service. Please give our staff a call today to see what we can do for you.

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